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Alojamiento en Familia

Despite a national recession, Gavin successfully established college savings accounts for every entering kindergarten student, launched Preschool for All and Afterschool for All, and provided students with access to school-based wellness centers to address physical and mental health needs. When he left office, the San Francisco Unified School District was the highest performing urban school district in the state.

As Lieutenant Governor, Gavin serves as a University of California Regent and California State University Trustee, working hard to keep tuition fees down, solve the student debt crisis and improve academic success rates across the board.

Gavin recognizes the dynamic and changing workforce that lies ahead for California's students, which is why he championed legislation to provide every student with access to rigorous computer science classes to better prepare them both for college and the careers of tomorrow. As Mayor, Gavin transformed San Francisco into one of the most environmentally friendly cities on earth, promoting environmental justice and forging a new sustainable path towards job creation and economic growth.

As Lieutenant Governor, Gavin has utilized his position on the State Lands Commission to ensure that California is addressing the complex challenges of its nuclear and clean energy future.

He understands that through a combination of increased funding for affordable housing and practical incentives to spur construction, we can build the housing we need. Gavin also believes the state has a moral obligation to take care of its most vulnerable and get serious about ending homelessness. Gavin pursued a strategy in San Francisco that aimed to break the cycle of dependency and move people into stable situations. Thirty-six days into his first mayoral term, Gavin threw himself into one of the most divisive issues in U.

Gavin knows that to truly achieve gender equality, we need more women in leadership. As Lieutenant Governor, he has been a strong defender of Planned Parenthood funding, paid family leave, and solving the pay gap crisis.

He is the only statewide official to endorse all five major criminal justice ballot initiatives: Ranging from his work on the State Lands Commission, to mobile apps, to open data initiatives, to his book, Citizenville, Gavin is a leading national voice for a government that is more open, transparent, and accessible to all Californians.

He is a prominent supporter of the Open Data Initiative and launched Digital Democracy, a first-of-its-kind online and interactive video platform to empower advocates, journalists and citizens by harnessing the power of facial recognition software, language-processing technology, and campaign finance databases, with video and social media.

Governor Newsom believes that by creating a transparent government through technology, we can engage the collective wisdom of people outside government and put the power in the hands of the people to transform government, democratize voices, and bring our nineteenth-century government into the twenty-first century. About Gavin Conocer a Gavin.

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Alojamiento en Residencia

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