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Johanna Gilland Click here to e-mail homehelpers. David Gilland On the web at www. Raising Awareness to Elder Abuse Home Helpers will offer a presentation for raising the community's awareness on elder abuse. Hosted by Scarborough Terrace. Registration is requested due to limited seating. Our theme this year is 3Rs: This event is free and open to the public. Alice Mann Click here to e-mail dutchessmediation.

They will draw on their extensive knowledge and experience with elder abuse in exploring the 3Rs: After the presentations, participants will break into small groups for more in-depth discussions. The event will be attended by a wide spectrum of service providers, agencies, officials and interested community members. It is free and open to the public. Fight Fraud, Shred Instead!

Contact West Central Human Services at for more information. Cherry Schmidt Click here to e-mail cschmidt nd Telephone: Karla Backman Click here to e-mail krbackman nd Telephone: Butler County Commissioner, Dale Pinkerton, will make opening comments to the attendees.

Butler City Mayor Maggie Stock, will present a proclamation in support of the event. P, please call or click here to e-mail On the web at www. Senior Outreach Sevier - S. Learn more about recognizing signs of Elder Abuse and local resources available to aid and assist seniors in the Sevier County area. Hear of Senior Center Volunteer Opportunities. Visit and tour the fine Sevier County Senior Center.

Click here to e-mail senior. There will be a balloon release. Click here to e-mail sara. Johnsbury, Vermont Wednesday, June 15th, From Community can meet members of the coalition. To stay for noon meal RSVP required. Please call Cindy at for fee and reservation.

Free light luncheon offered at Noon. Click here to download flyer. Lynn Goulding Click here to e-mail Lynn nevaaa. Rich Leighton Click here to e-mail Rich stjacademy. The Northeast Kingdom Vulnerable Adult Action Coalition is a team of local law enforcement, social service and health care providers dedicated to insuring the safety and well being of vulnerable adults.

Susie Layne Click to e-mail Susie wv. Aged Rights Advocacy Service Venue: Adelaide Convention Centre North Terrace Adelaide Australia Wednesday 15th June From to The Aged Rights Advocacy Service ARAS has secured an excellent line up of international, national and interstate speakers focusing on using the law to uphold the rights of older people regardless of where they live.

The program will interest the aged care sector and anyone with an interest in how legislation can uphold the rights of the older person at risk of abuse.

Office of the Public Advocate Venue: Register by phone or click here to email justice. Office of The Public Advocate Venue: Research Launch Sponsored by: Supported by Lotterywest April Attendance is by Invitation On the web at www.

Mary Kepert Click here to e-mail mkepert advocare Telephone: Greg Mahney Click here to e-mail gregm advocare Telephone: For further inquiries, send e-mail to. Click here for information about the Rosalie S. Because Elder Abuse should never be ignored! Save the Date Click here to download. Webinar Wednesday, June 15, Beginning at 3pm eastern. Internet social media and broadcast media Project outreach begins June 15th and continues leading up to June 15th Mizanur Rahman Jewel Click here to e-mail edsukbd Telephone: A symposium with national leaders on the safety and security of the older individuals living in the society would be organized in the India Habitat Center on the 14th June.

On the web at http: Bulk Email will be send to more than 25, people. Click for larger image. Month long activity on Social Media sites Friendly Football Matches at other places including schools For further information on these events, click here to download. Age Action Ireland March-April. Visit to local national school to raise awareness about respecting older people.

Visit to older people at local social services centre to discuss the issue of elder abuse. Fashion show with older people in the Residence and raising awareness about elder abuse.

Bus outing with residents highlighting the importance in all having the right to participate in all daily activities. Visit from the local community Garda who will chat to residents about abuse prevention and reporting.

Symbolic candle lighting to mark and acknowledge those who have suffered or continue to suffer abuse. Coffee morning involving all residents and their families and friends Release of purple balloons during coffee morning Symbolic wearing of purple ribbons made by residents. Multi-denominational prayer ceremony Symbolic wearing of the colour purple by staff and residents Day room to be decorated in the colour purple Wearing of purple ribbons made in craft class.

Kerry General Hospital Wednesday 15th June. Valentia Community Hospital Wednesday 15th June. A presentation will be done of results of a survey done by Prof dr Nevena Petrusic Comissioner for protection of Equality on behalf of HumanaS related to violence in Family context. This survey has been supported through IPA funding. A presentation will be done on the Importance of institutions of social protection by dr Sanja Dragas Latas of the Gerontological Centre in Belgrade. A presentation will be done on whether the new Law on Social Protection will contribute to reduction of discrimination against older people in Serbia by Nada Sataric.

A presentation will be done on the role of health workers in prevention of abuse of older people by Dr Marija Tasic. Ponte En Su Piel is an on-going internet-based social campaign for the rights of the elderly population. Between December and March , approximately people, including companies, associations and institutions, participated in the writing of a decalogue that raises awareness of abuse of the elderly population. Many of the participants have pasted the Ponte En Su Piel- symbol on their websites.

We welcome new participants to join our cause. Nowadays companies, associations, independent blogs and different websites keep on join our "community of friends against the elder abuse" http: We are a care provider for older people. Telford Town Centre From 9am to 6pm. INPEA 15 y 17 de junio. Actividades 15 de junio. Tecleo para transferir Afiche. El maltrato hacia las personas mayores es un problema universal. Su ciudad puede ser parte de esta iniciativa las personas mayores de su localidad lo necesitan.

Workshop for community members to hear speakers and engage in a dialogue about Elder Abuse. Video of Elder Abuse with questions and answers after with a keynote speaker. Walk celebrates seniors in our community. A piper guides us down the street, ending at a local older adult centre. Here there are some speeches by local dignitaries and a band, Hawkeye provide entertainment. We also sing a special song, Seniors Rock!

Light refreshments provided free. International federation on ageing and Ryerson University Venue: Toronto will be giving focus to an under-reported, silent and insidious form of abuse - the sexual abuse of older women. Historically, older people have never been considered potential or actual targets of sexual assault and as a result have been under-identified and under-served as victims.

With the insufficient knowledge and awareness of this form of elder abuse, the most effective strategy to serve older victims of sexual assault is to bring together professionals in victim s services and in the ageing fields to shed light on this issue. Hosted by the International Federation on Ageing and Ryerson University, in Collaboration with the Ontario Seniors Secretariat, this one day interactive International Forum is an opportunity for the governments of Canada, service providers, practitioners, professionals and those dealing in elder protection to hear from a number of internationally respected experts in the field.

Greg Shaw Click to e-mail G. Elizabeth Podnieks Click to e-mail E. On this 30 minute radio segment, listeners will hear national experts discuss the realities of our aging population, the impact this has on society, the dynamics of ageism, and how community-based programs can work together to prevent and respond to abuse and neglect in later life.

NGA is a national membership organization for guardians, fiduciaries and conservators. The Elder Abuse and Guardianship Victim's Taskforce for Change is made up of advocates, victims and family members of elderly and disabled victims who have been declared incapacitated.

Raising awareness and supporting training and services to address incidents of domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault and stalking. He is a prominent supporter of the Open Data Initiative and launched Digital Democracy, a first-of-its-kind online and interactive video platform to empower advocates, journalists and citizens by harnessing the power of facial recognition software, language-processing technology, and campaign finance databases, with video and social media.

Governor Newsom believes that by creating a transparent government through technology, we can engage the collective wisdom of people outside government and put the power in the hands of the people to transform government, democratize voices, and bring our nineteenth-century government into the twenty-first century.

About Gavin Conocer a Gavin. Child Poverty Pobreza Infantil. Gavin Newsom cumple su segundo mandato como Vicegobernador de California tras una exitosa Carrera en el sector privado y en el gobierno local.

Economic Growth As Mayor, Gavin balanced seven consecutive budgets on time during national economic instability without laying off a single teacher, police officer, or firefighter. Education As Mayor, Gavin created a unique partnership with the school district, teachers and students to improve test scores, reduce truancy and promote a culture of learning from preschool through college. Energy and the Environment As Mayor, Gavin transformed San Francisco into one of the most environmentally friendly cities on earth, promoting environmental justice and forging a new sustainable path towards job creation and economic growth.

Technology in Government Ranging from his work on the State Lands Commission, to mobile apps, to open data initiatives, to his book, Citizenville, Gavin is a leading national voice for a government that is more open, transparent, and accessible to all Californians.

I agree to receive texts from Gavin for Governor about ways to get involved and support the campaign. Opt out at any time. Texts are in English. Message and data rates may apply. Your browser Internet Explorer 6 is out of date. It has known security flaws and may not display all features of this and other websites. Learn how to update your browser. Compartir Facebook Twitter Google. Noona abril 11, Robert abril 11, Robert abril 16, YuLeii abril 14, Amalia Mesones junio 1, David junio 27, Lus julio 1, Me alegra haberte sido de ayuda!!

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Because Elder Abuse should never be ignored!

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